Sue Tuddenham

Sue Tuddenham earned aCitation X Type Rating in 2014.

After just one flying lesson, Sue Tuddenham, was totally hooked and determined to become a professional pilot. Working hard to raise funds for further training she was able to complete her Private Pilot’s Licence at Booker Airfield, England. Sue then built her hours as a volunteer Tug Pilot for Booker Gliding Club, towing gliders in their Super Cub and Robin. This training gave her a fondness for tail draggers and inspired her love of aerobatics, as she spent all her aero-tow credits having lots of fun upside-down in gliders! Soon afterwards, and with the assistance of savings, scholarships and loans, Sue completed her Commercial Pilots Licence, Multi Engine Rating and Instrument Rating together with a Multi Crew Cooperation Course leading to a frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence in early 2013. Whilst saving for further training, Sue worked as an apprentice in a workshop re-fabricing vintage aeroplanes and later instructing members of the public on B737-800 simulator.

In February 2014, Sue was absolutely ecstatic to be awarded the Dare to Dream Scholarship helping her achieve the next step in her flying career by providing funding towards a Flying Instructors Course. Then, just before starting this training, came news of a dream job offer flying a Citation XLS for a Biz Jet Company based in London. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. The Dare to Dream Scholarship committee granted an exception under these unusual circumstances to allow the funds to be used instead towards the XLS Type Rating. Having only been given a week before the course started to raise the capital, this was fantastic news!

Two years on and Sue has flown clients across 25 different countries and 117 European cities building 670 hours multi jet engine, multi crew time and is extremely grateful for the help and support the Dare to Dream Foundation has provided.

She has flown some interesting people, including top business entrepreneurs, celebrities and even royalty. Sue says one of the highlights of the job is getting to see some of the places she visits, as crews can be down-route for a few days, and they’ve had the chance to stay in some really great cities. She still thinks the job is absolutely amazing!

Some of Sue’s proudest moments have been doing medical flights, such as organ transportation, where she’s been happy to be part of a team that’s hopefully changed someone’s life for the better.

She’s also currently getting involved in a project run in schools to encourage young people into flying. The project gives talks in schools, liaises with airlines about sponsorship and scholarship programmes and raises funds and/or the means to award trial lessons to suitable candidates. Sue’s been asked to speak at some of the events and she’s really pleased to get involved.

In her spare time, Sue can still be found at her local airfield, drinking tea watching vintage aircraft and aerobatic practice or squeezing in a cheeky flight or two. She is also currently training for a half marathon as she says she can take her trainers with her wherever she goes.


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