Manuela Cortes

Manuela Cortes pursued an Instrument Rating in 2015.

Manuela Cortes is a passionate aviator who continues to work towards pursuing her dream of flying. Currently, she is an undergraduate student at Florida Institute of Technology, majoring in Aviation Management with Flight. In addition to completing her undergraduate degree, Manuela is also enrolled in the FastTrack program at Florida Tech and is working towards completing her Masters degree in Aviation Human Factors. Since her freshman year at FIT, Manuela has been an active member within the Florida Tech community, serving as President of the Women in Aviation Club, Vice President of the UNICEF Campus Initiative Club, and as a Resident Assistant to upperclassmen students. She is an active member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society, and received the College of Aeronautics Outstanding Junior Award in 2015.Currently, Manuela is interning in the Quality Assurance Department at American Airlines Headquarters. Upon graduation, she hopes to complete her Masters degree and work as a flight instructor to build up her flight time. Ultimately, she hopes to become a professional airline pilot in the near future.
Manuela’s passion for flight sparked on a paragliding experience she had in Colombia. Soaring through the sky and feeling the clouds at her fingertips, she then realized that she wanted to experience that same freedom for the rest of her life. With the support of her family, Manuela began to look for scholarship opportunities that would allow her to pursue her dream. Through endless determination and persistence, each year Manuela has been able to continue her flight training at Florida Tech. As of now, she has obtained her Private Pilot License and is currently towards finishing her Instrument Rating training. Manuela hopes to continue flying and through her experiences motivate other to pursue their dreams! Manuela would not be where she is today if it weren’t for the endless help and support of scholarship sponsors, such as the Dare to Dream scholarship committee, who has always believed in their grant recipients!

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