Helen Ho

Helen Ho

Helen Ho earned her pilot’s license in Salt Lake City and has been actively instructing since 2011 after she was awarded a scholarship to obtain an additional instructor rating. Today she remains a flight instructor while pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Born in California, Helen is one of seven children. She grew up with five brothers and a sister, so sometimes she can be competitive and stubborn in her ways. At 16 years old, she experienced her first commercial flight in the midst of the night which sparked her interest in flying. She moved to Utah to pursue flight training and never looked back. She continues to seek flight training opportunities and has ambitions to one day mesh her aviation and engineering background into an exciting career. For now, she is content being a busy college student with an awesome part-time job.

2015 Update: Helen graduated from college in December 2014. She is actively flight instructing and also employed as a Systems Engineer sustaining A-10’s.


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