Jennifer Zadorozniak

Jennifer Zadorozniak is a commercial-pilot-in-training living in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Flying is the single most enjoyable thing she has ever done. Jennifer began flight training in 2017 after she was gifted a discovery flight and the rest is history. She has earned her private pilot license, mountain endorsement, night and seaplane ratings and very soon will take her commercial pilot license check ride. She has already completed her instrument ground school and knowledge exam and will use the Dare to Dream Scholarship towards her Instrument Rating. Her ultimate goal is to fly as an airline pilot. Jennifer is an active member of Women in Aviation International, the BC Coast Chapter of the Ninety-Nines Inc., and the BC Aviation Council. When she’s not flying or volunteering, she works in community mental health and enjoys spending time in the kitchen or outdoors with family and friends. Jennifer is most grateful to be chosen for the Dare to Dream Scholarship.