Kelsey Webb

Kelsey Webb earned her Private Pilot License in June of 2020 after taking a COVID-19 extended leave of absence from her job as a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines. She is currently training for her instrument rating while on furlough and working at a women-owned outdoor retail store in Boulder, Colorado. She ultimately hopes to become a commercial airline pilot. She credits her motivation to pursue a career as a pilot to the women whom she met in the flight deck while working as a flight attendant. 

Growing up in a professional aviation family, Kelsey was exposed to airplanes early and always knew she wanted to work in aviation. Her father, grandfathers, and uncle all served as military and commercial pilots while her mother and grandmother were flight attendants. It was not until her adult life that she began to see more women represented as pilots. She is committed to her journey to create community and inspiration for other girls who want to push the boundaries of gender roles in aviation.

Kelsey trains out of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado. When not flying, she enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. She is an active member of Women in Aviation, Ladies in Flight Training, Girls Love to Fly, and Female Aviators Sticking Together. She is most thankful to the Dare to Dream Scholarship board for believing in and supporting her, and for sharing her story.