Jenna Breen

Jenna began flying mid 2020 when her career as an orchestral musician came to a halt due to the pandemic. What began as a slight curiosity quickly became an obsession. She earned her Private Pilot Certificate in December of that year and her Instrument Rating the following August. 

Jenna is currently working towards her Commercial Certificate and is so appreciative to receive a Dare to Dream scholarship to aid her in achieving this. After completing this training, she hopes to obtain her Seaplane Rating and one day fly scenic flights around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She would like to eventually become a CFI to share the knowledge she gained from each of her wonderful instructors with future aspiring pilots.

Jenna trains at Rainier Flight Service out of Renton Municipal Airport just South of Seattle, Washington. She is an active member of the Greater Seattle Ninety-Nines of which she is currently Vice Chair.