Ashley Taylor

Ashely TaylorAshley currently works for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildland firefighter. After many years with boots on the ground, she decided to apply and successfully made it through training to become a Smokejumper. This unique “mode of transport,” where she gets to jump out of a perfectly good airplane on a parachute to fight wildland fire, sparked her desire to fly the aircraft she jumps out of now. Her dream is to become the pilot of these aircraft and fill a different role while staying involved with the wildland fire community that she loves. While continuing to fight wildland fire in the summer, Ashley pursues here ratings in the winter when wildland fires are less frequent.

In June of 2016, Ashley was part of the six founding members who created the MYL High Flying Club in the small town of McCall, Idaho where she lives. The club now owns two planes and is at full capacity with 15 members. Along with the club, Ashley has helped teach at the Flying Companion Seminar through the 99s and loves being involved at the Women in Aviation conference each year!

Ashley feels blessed and is so thankful to have been chosen for the Dare to Dream Scholarship! It never fails to amaze her the generosity and willingness to help that the aviation community offers. She hopes to be able to give back in a similar capacity someday. Thank you!