Aretha Kimani

Planes have always fascinated me, as a child I couldn’t help but smile the few times I was in a plane rolling on the runway for take off, even now I can’t help but smile. From then I set my mind to understand how a plane flies and the best way to do that was to learn how to become a pilot. It was a steep learning curve once I started my training at 43 Airschool in South Africa, but I loved every moment of it. From my first flight, to first solo, to first solo cross country, to first passed exam, to first instrument approach on a multi engine aircraft and finally receiving my Multi-Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot License in 2021… It was all so surreal, I cherish all of my firsts in the aviation industry and I look forward to facilitating more of those firsts to anyone entering the world of aviation. 

Recently I volunteered to be part of girls in aviation day in Nairobi, Kenya, there after I became a WAI member. I’m also a member of a local organization called Girls In Aviation Africa, where I manage their social media platforms as we expose girls in the rural parts of Kenya to the world of aviation. Currently I’m learning how to fly a weightshift microlight to help spot whale sharks in Diani, Kenya for marine research. With the Dare to Dream Scholarship I’ll be able to begin my CFI training!